Menu for 9-month-old baby

After exciting time of preparing the first meal of complementary food for your 6-month-old baby pass, the new exercise is coming that your baby becomes a 9-month-old baby, generally called as a toddler. Toddlers have prominent development that they can pick food by their own hands. And because of the eruption of deciduous teeth, they begin to bite and chew everything. In addition, toddlers like to crawl around and seek for something they can hold in order to stand up. That’s the time baby wants to try learning something new. So mother may concern whether the amount of complementary food suffices your baby’s daily intake or not, or is it enough for developing brain and muscle?  For this reason, Homgroon proud to present FINGER FOOD menu, the menu for 9-month-old baby that will entertain children to enjoy picking food by their own hands. Your baby will receive both enjoyment and essential nutrient. Besides, it nourishes your child’s gum that will be beneficial for the first set of deciduous teeth.


1. Vegetable salad and mashed potato

Firstly, steam all vegetables (pumpkin, broccoli, baby corn, radish, or carrot) until it’s soft. Then, cut vegetables until its size is equal to your little finger and put it in your baby’s bowl. For mashed potato, you have to put it in boil water until it’s soft and finely grinded it. After that, simmer potato in milk with low heat until these two ingredients blend together. Finally, serve mashed potato with vegetable salad to your babies. Let they pick up the FINGER FOOD, the menu for 9-month-old baby which is not only a practice of using hands, but also nourishing baby’s gum. We guarantee that this menu will fully give your child an essential nutrient with enjoyment. 


2. Baked white sesame chicken with green apple

At first, marinate 50 grams of chicken fillet with milk, salt, and white sesame for 20 minutes. Next, bake a chicken until it’s fully done, and then shred chicken into thin pieces. At last, serve white sesame chicken with green apples chopped into small pieces so that baby can easily grasp and bite it. We guarantee that FINGER FOOD, the menu for 9-month-old baby, will fully give your child an essential nutrient and, of course, they will enjoy eating it so much that they would ask for more.


3. Sam Kler vegetable with egg yolk

Sam Kler vegetable may not sound familiar, but you don’t have to worry because we will explain it to you. Sam Kler vegetable is the three color vegetables consist of 3 kinds of vegetable: broccoli, baby corn, and Chinese cabbage. First, you have to steam these 3 kinds of vegetable until it’s cooked and soft. Then, chop it into small pieces; its width and length must be no longer than your little finger. At last, serve your child the Sam Kler vegetable with boiled egg yolk cut in half. Just following these steps, your child will be pleasant with FINGER FOOD, the menu for 9-month-old baby that is the perfect combination of deliciousness and nutritive value.

Lastly, HOMGROON want to tell you that under food stains happening when your kids try to eat some food by themselves, there is an opportunity for kids to learn something new and develop intelligence. Your family will receive worthwhile results more than you think. So we hope you and your kids will be satisfied by our FINGER FOOD menus.