Chicken and Corn Jasmine Rice Congee

Chicken and Corn Jasmine Rice Congee
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Enjoy eating 100% natural Jasmine Rice Congee

Our Jasmine Rice Congee rich of chicken meat and whole grain corn. All raw materials are 100% natural. It’s clean, healthy, MSG-free, preservative-free. And it’s full of nutrient from protein, carbohydrate, and vitamin B1. Moreover, it’s very easy to cook. Just pour boiling water into the cup and enjoy your delicious nutrient-dense congee.

How to use

Rice Congee 

  1. Open the lid. Tear an envelope and pour congee into a cup. 
  2. Pour 180cc of boiling water into a cup or estimate water until it reaches the water level mark.
  3. Stir the congee and water for 3 minutes. Then, it will become a congee ready to eat.



For 1 year+
Parents should take care of young children carefully during eating to prevent them from suffocation.
Beware the heat



Jasmine Rice 73.5%
Dried chicken meat 10%
Chicken stock 8.5%
Corn 7%
Salt 0.05%

No preservative
No artificial Flavourings
No MSG Added